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3,333 unique 3D unicorns with 140 varying traits & rarity. Play 2D and 3D mini-games and earn UNIVRS token! The digital arcade NFT utility project.

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Unifriends is a 3D on-chain metadata project featuring 3,333 completely unique generative unicorns with varying traits and rarity.Read more

3,333 Generative Unicorn NFTs

  • 140 unique traits including variations in skin, hair, horns, wearables, items, backgrounds and eyewear!
  • 10 legendary 1/1 Unifriends with special capabilities in-game.
  • On-chain metadata determines whether your unicorn is speedy, strong, or intelligent. On-chain properties are dynamically derived using pseudo randomization methods when minting occurs.
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NFT Community Chest

The Community Chest is a utility oriented NFT fund to grow the gaming ecosystem within the Unifriends community. The Community Chest will have the capability to withdraw NFT assets based on owning the UNIVRS token. Imagine playing games and after accuring enough UNIVRS token be able to withdraw a blue chip NFT. The NFTs within the community chest will be bought based on a DAO vote.

How do we fund the community chest?

When the public mint sells out, we will allocate 10-20% of the mint funds into the community chest purchases. The exact amount allocated will be dependent on a DAO proposal.

100% of secondary sales will go to the community treasury and a percentage of that, dependent on a DAO vote, will go to sponsoring the community chest moving forward.

Our project will aim to build a monetary feedback loop to fund the community chest. The way we will accomplish this is by monetizing our blockchain 2D/3D games with other NFT communities that do not have utility. We will either have a one time fixed fee model to have access to our system or we will offer a subscription modeled service. The funds will just be immediately reinvested into the community chest. The community chest is also technically owned by the entire community as well in case there is some need to liquidate.

#UNIALPHA NFT Groupwill be a premier alpha group within the Unifriends community. The group will be in charge of finding WL spots and offer suggestions for NFT buys for the community chest. These positions will be paid a wage from the DAO and the DAO will determine its members. There will be an ability to apply for the position and the members will be chosen accordingly from a ranked-choice vote.

Free claim for 2D pair

  • We know that the community still loves the 2D pfp craze. We are going to allow all holders to claim their 2D pairing of their 3D unicorn for FREE!
  • The 2D pair will match property for property and be mintable for the owner of the parent 3D token.
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physical card

Physical Metal Card w/ QR Code

  • Card will link to the NFT where you can connect your wallet and play mini-games.
  • Unfortunately cancelled with the mint price drop

    However, we will get a quote and see what we can do!

    At 80% sell out, each Unifriend you mint will come with a 0.8mm metal card with a QR code that directly links to your NFT, shows you were the original minter, and provides a quick breakdown of the minted properties. This is a nice keepsake and can be sold with the digital asset as a bundle if the original owner chooses. Brought to you by Lux Metal Card.

  • Our site will have a post-mint distribution form to handle shipments. We will be charging the minters shipping fees as we cannot account for all global shipping costs but the card manufacturing itself is all taken care of by us!


Play in mini-games, earn UNIVRS token, exchange for NFTs from the Community Chest! Imagine playing weekly to win UNIVRS token and eventually have enough to cashout a blue chip NFT or NFTs that you vibe with.


Our first mini-game will be a blockchain adapted game called Hungry Unicorns. The game will connect to your NFTs and you will be able to play to earn rewards on our weekly leaderboards.

The follow-up browser mini-games will include adaptations of retro games, flash games, and other styles of games we all enjoyed growing up.

Hungry Unicorns

Sample 2D NFT integrated game about to be released 04/01/2022

Click here to try the game


Our first 3D game will include as its main character our genesis unicorn Unifriend. If you are familiar with Fall Guys, we are adapting a clone that will incorporate your NFTs and link into our weekly leaderboard for rewards. This is built on top of Unity and is currently in development.

Follow-up games will be in theme of Mario Party style games where you will go face-2-face with other Unifriend holders to battle for crowns and UNIVRS tokens.


Kart vs Kart Multiplayer 3D game in current development

Click here to try the alpha/beta UniKart Game


Sample Multiplayer 3D game in current development


The way we will fund our community chest long term is by creating a service that allows for mini-games to be used within other NFT ecosystems. This could be done with discord based games that leverage metadata or just setting up NFT community tournaments within the constructs of our blockchain adapted games and the leaderboard.


Our team is fully doxxed with several successful utility project/dApps under our belt

Unifriends NFT with light saber

Scott Mitchell AKA sbmitchell.eth

Software Engineer / Core Developer / Founder

Software Engineer for over a decade. Crypto trader, collector, and web3 developer for the past 5 years. Worked on and helped ICO LUN (Lunyr) back in 2016, took a break from the space but back in full force for NFTs and dApp development.

Projects:The Owners Club,MomentRanks,Lunyr (LUN)


Unifriends NFT

Damian Perez AKA DÆZ

3D Artist and Designer / Co-Founder

Visual designer for past 5 years, worked with multiple tech startups including recent successful NFT project @TOCNFT. Avid NFT collector and enthusiast.

Projects:The Owners Club


Unifriends NFT

Nastasa Florin AKA FLR

Community Manager

Been into nft space for the past 1 year and half, crypto enthusiast. Provides management to an organization's social media presence and a global prescence. Supports communications on our social platforms.

Unifriends NFT

Hunter/Pendy (@PaidRegular)

Community Manager

Unifriends NFT

Codie (@NFT_Inception)

Community Manager

Unifriends NFT

Jay.eth (@jayneticseth)

Creative Director

Unifriends NFT










December 17th 2021

  • Site launch (DONE)
  • UNIFRN token creation (DONE)


  • Establish for DAO and future proposals (DONE)
  • Establish Unifriends vault, treasury, and DAO (DONE)
  • Giveaways and discord gaming (DONE)

Genesis Group Drop

  • Genesis group mint (0.05 ETH) (DONE)
  • Progressive reveal (DONE)

March-April 2022

  • Release referrals program for WL and Public mint ~04/19 (DONE)
  • Deploy UNIVRS utility token for unifriends gaming contracts (DONE)
  • Release 'Hungry Unicorns' 2D rewards games w/ chain integration (DONE)
  • Continue development on 3D 'Fall Guys' clone with Unifriends models (DONE)
  • Continue development on UniKart (DONE)
  • Public mint (04/19/2022) (DONE)
  • Release phase 1 of community chest to buy merch and WL w/ UNIVRS token (DONE)
  • Establish NFT community chest from public mint (DONE)
  • Release more 2D blockchain adapted retro games

May-June 2022

  • Sell ERC1155 Unifriends shop items (UniBoost, UniPass) for $UNIVRS ecosystem (0.02 ETH per item) (DONE)
  • Alpha/Beta testing UniKart 3D multiplayer game w/ Unihodlers (DONE)
  • Create proof of concept UniKart racing mode (DONE)
  • Twitter x $UNIVRS engagement rewards program (DONE)
  • Host weekly contests related to Hungry Unicorns (DONE)
  • Host cross-community tournaments (DONE)
  • Unifriends drop 2 announcements and sneak peeks
  • Release whitepaper and begin development of UniAlfa - Rarity rankings and collection indexing

July-August 2022

  • Finish UniAlfa Tools v1.0
  • UniKart 3D multiplayer game release v1.0

September-December 2022

  • TBD
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